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Welcome to my site. Please keep in mind that I am not a translator, and am merely editing previously translated works and putting them all in one place. I also only intend to do webnovels that I personally enjoy. Join my Discord for chapter notifications and to contact me.

I’m Only A Stepmother, But My Daughter’s Just So Cute!

She looks sharp like a villainess should, but inside, she’s just fangirling over her adorable step-daughter. Maybe the original Abigail was a terrible person, but the new Abigail only wants to bask in her step-daughter’s cuteness.

21 Chapters / Caught Up

Scheming Villainess’ Counter Attack?

A cute short story written mostly in diary format. MC has a crush on her childhood friend, and sees the new girl as a threat, but the new girl is actually into MC. (F/F).

9 Chapters / Complete

Endo And Kobayashi’s Live Commentary On The Villainess

What would happen if when you played an otome game, the characters could actually hear your voice? That’s what happens here.

44 Chapters / Caught Up

Forgotten Juliet

She’s been with him for so long, but she always knew it would never last forever. With the assistance of her magic butterflies, she intends to leave him, and give up on her hopeless love.

16 Chapters / Caught Up

Kind Older Sister Is No More

She’s only ever been her sister’s shadow, but she’s had enough. She’s tired of her family never putting her first, so she’s going to put herself first.

12 Chapters / Ongoing

Magical Revolution

A reincarnated princess with a passion for magic despite being unable to use it, and a magical genius who’s engagement was just broken team up for research purposes. What could go wrong? (F/F).

15 Chapters / Ongoing

The Princess Is Evil

She was the legendary witch of the mountain. Now, she’s the youngest daughter of the scariest Emperor, and an active participant in a lethal war between siblings.

17 Chapters / Caught Up

Terminally-Ill Youngest Daughter

What’s the point of transmigrating, if the body you end up in is already dying? What’s the point to being a Princess if you’re neglected and looked down on?

10 Chapters / Ongoing

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

After transmigrating into the villainess of the otome game she was addicted to, she attempts to, at the very least, survive.

3 Chapters / Ongoing

Curse Nightmare Party

A VRMMO with interesting mechanics. MC explores and experiments on her own, quickly becoming the most powerful player in the game without even realizing.

16 Chapters / Caught Up